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Tol2Javea’s systems represent an aesthetic and technological evolution in terms of indoor solar protection. It is a wide selection of curtains and blinds designed to adapt to the privacy needed in any environment of homes, offices and businesses. The wide variety of colors, fabrics, finishes and accessories, together with the use of the highest quality materials, result at all times in a solution that combines technology and design to guarantee comfort and savings for users and companies.


The Vertical blind is the ideal solar protection system to control the level of privacy and the entrance of light at all times.The graduation of light offered by its slats allows the creation of multiple atmospheres, always elegant and orderly, thanks to the projection of its lines.Vertical louvers are a perfect solution to regulate light in an elegant and simple way. These slats are ideal for large windows or windows and, above all, if it is an area of passage to outdoor rooms.


It is the most versatile system due to its functionality and the infinite collection of fabrics and accessories from which customers and users can choose.Our roller blinds exclusively integrate CLS accessories, of great aesthetic value and that allow a greater modularity and adaptation of the product to all types of needs and architectures.An elegant and practical way to regulate the light that enters through the window into the rooms of your home or business. Consult all the technical characteristics of our roller blinds.


Ideal solution when users and customers want to add a rustic touch to the decoration of all types of rooms.Combined with more modern and minimalist spaces, it creates the most avant-garde contrasts.


The sliding panel is the perfect solution for covering large glazed surfaces. An elegant and minimalist system, which both for its shapes and its smooth sliding, brings a plus of exclusivity to all types of spaces.
It offers a wide range of fabrics that allows the combination of different colors and textures even in the different panels that make up the same curtain, so the adaptability to the needs of users is total.


Its ease of use and formal style adapts to a multitude of uses transmitting maximum exclusivity.Thanks to the variety of colors and the possibility of including fabrics such as linen, polyester or cotton, both options create cozy environments in which the room will be comfortable and pleasant for the users.


Simple and minimalist curtain that offers the possibility of being installed in minimum collection spaces, thanks to the size of the pleating.It is a lightweight system that is easy to handle and use, Saxun offers multiple decorative fabrics in a wide range of colors that will allow you to combine it whatever your environment.


Stor Glass is a roll-up system, convenient and simple, that integrates perfectly on the window and favors a total use of space.It is ideal to be installed in any type of window, providing in all cases a greater amplitude to the room.


Formed by alternating opaque and transparent horizontal strips, it allows total control of the brightness and privacy of the room.Thanks to the collection of lively and colorful fabrics, they will integrate perfectly with the decorative needs, whether you are looking for a greater contrast or a total integration in the room.


Ideal for offices and other workspaces, the Saxun Outdoor Aluminum Venetian Blind brings great value to spaces with avant-garde décor.The new CLS collection, for 50 mm slats, enables a wide variety of combinations with textile tapes and allows a higher degree of customization, adapting to any type of decorative style.A venetian blind allows us to adjust the intensity of the light that penetrates the house, regulating the orientation of the aluminum slats, achieving a practical and economical alternative.
Advantages of Aluminum Venetian blinds
  1. Versatile and lightweight. Aluminum is a lightweight material, an excellent choice for our solar protection system.
  2. Dimming of the light intensity: the graduation of the light by adjusting the orientation of the louvers is convenient and practical.
  3. Aesthetics and decoration. You can choose from a catalog of aluminum venetian blinds with different colors, ideal for any decorative environment.


Wooden Venetian blind is perfect to give the decor a style and character of its own. A system that, thanks to the horizontality of its slats and the warmth of the wood itself, allows the creation of elegant and cozy environments, always with the right light.It achieves a perfect harmony in the interior of the room fitting both with modern minimalist decorations and with more traditional architectures.Natural wood venetian blinds are perfect for decorating any place. We are talking about a versatile, elegant material that is characterized by its good resistance.
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