The main function and reason for an awning is to provide hours of shade and sun protection. An awning allows the use and enjoyment of areas that would otherwise be impractical. It also provides advantages for the home, such as the reduction of direct heat on the facade and windows (which affects the interior atmosphere of the home) known as solar thermal energy, reducing its effects by up to 80%, general thermal improvements, reduction of excessive use of air conditioning and significant energy savings.
The wide variety of outdoor solar protection systems adapts to the needs of residential and business terraces to contribute to the well-being of users, to the energy efficiency of the space and to the profitability of the companies that choose to rely on them.The sophisticated designs, the wide range of colors and technical fabrics and the possibility of domotization make it the perfect result.


Created for installation on terraces, patios or gardens. It allows to cover large surfaces, creating a very comfortable environment. Thanks to its different types of installation, we can adjust it to any space, under wooden pergolas, aluminum and glass runs, skylights, etc. Different complements can be incorporated to adapt it to all needs, such as curtains, vertical or front awnings, allowing to close the space completely and avoiding the entrance of the sun, wind or rain, even to achieve greater privacy. It offers multiple possibilities due to its design and convenient operation, both manual and motorized.


The sliding-opening systems (GLASS CURTAINS) find application in the most diverse areas, from winter gardens, balconies, terraces and shopping arcades. The systems, of easy installation and high technical quality, generate new usable spaces while protecting, when closed, from the inclement weather. The glass curtains that we commercialize are a high quality system that creates a pleasant well-being, at the same time that increases the value of your real estate properties.


We have ceilings that adapt to any surface. Our roofs can be made of different materials, to satisfy all needs. The aluminum profiles can be lacquered in any color of the RAL color chart, anodized or imitation wood, in order to adapt the roof to the aesthetics of the site. Technological innovation is present in all the ceilings we install. We can equip it with automatisms that facilitate its use and enjoyment. In addition, they are suitable for any space, whether for housing or business.


The world of blinds has taken a complete turn with the new aluminum and pvc blinds, more thermal, more durable and with less maintenance than the old wooden Tol2javea we have the latest models of blinds and shutters in very different systems that allow a gradual darkening of the room in addition to a great sun protection, so fashionable in recent years.we also offer a fast repair service with a full team of specialists.


Venetian blinds and roller blinds give every window a quality and long-lasting solution. We have an innovative collection, with a wide variety of materials and colors that provide a unique style and an ambience of its own, both at home and at work.


The fabric provides good UV protection and water repellency, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the rain or running to the garden to pick up the awning. The perfect option to protect you from the sun in your terrace or garden.


If we want to achieve greater hygiene and safety in our bathroom a very good idea is to install a screen in the bathtub or shower. This will also completely change the style of the bathroom and make it look like it has been renovated. We have a wide range of bathtub and shower enclosures. Bathtub screens: With fixed panel, With hinged panels, With folding panels, With sliding panels. Shower enclosures: Folding, Sliding, Folding, Folding


With our wide range of insect screens for doors and windows, you will be able to protect your home with the added value and quality that defines our company. Mosquito nets with a careful design and functionality for each case, along with an extensive range of colors and finishes, which make our mosquito nets adapt to the various existing carpentries, keeping the aesthetic and decorative requirements so careful nowadays.
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