Mosquito nets


Insect screens also ensure access to light and air, allowing perfect ventilation of the room without fear of unwanted guests.

They are consistent fabrics, where the woven mesh is completely uniform. Therefore, in addition to serving as a barrier against all kinds of insects, they also act as anti-pollenbold screen, as they are designed to filter suspended pollen.

Roller and pleated options that will fit all types of windows and doors, always finding a solution that guarantees user comfort. Mosquito nets with a careful design and functionality for each case, together with a wide range of colors and finishes, which meet the aesthetic and decorative requirements of today.


The most popular system that also features simple and fast assembly. Ideal to fit any window, it perfectly combines brightness and anti-insect protection.


Robust and efficient model for doors and passageways to terraces and gardens. It stands out for its ease of use, the multitude of existing configurations and its ease of opening. Our wide range of colors and finishes make our insect screens adaptable to all types of environments and decorative styles: a wide range of RAL colors, as well as anodized, lacquered and foiled, to give elegance and style to your insect barrier.

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