Created for installation on terraces, patios or gardens. It allows to cover large surfaces, creating a very comfortable environment. Thanks to its different types of installation, we can adjust it to any space, aluminum and glass shifts, skylights, etc. Different complements can be incorporated to adapt it to all needs, such as curtains, vertical or front awnings, allowing to close the space completely and avoiding the entrance of the sun, wind or rain, even to achieve greater privacy. It offers multiple possibilities due to its design and convenient operation, both manual and motorized.


The concept of bioclimatic pergola is based on the unique characteristic of these pergolas, built entirely in aluminum, to adapt to the climatic conditions of each moment to provide a continuous use of our terrace during the 365 days of the year. It is capable of blocking the sun’s rays while allowing upward ventilation throughout the roof, provides a watertight seal when rain or snow is present and also allows the louvers to be oriented in the direction of the sun’s rays, making it possible for them to pass directly through.

They regulate the temperature of the room in a natural way, while protecting from solar radiation, rain, wind or snow.

View Saxun bioclimatic pergolas catalog: view pdf


The aluminum pergolas will help you find a good relaxation outside your home because thanks to its resistance you can enjoy your garden regardless of the weather that exists at that time, because whether rain, wind or sun you can be on your terrace enjoying it whether you want to do it alone or in company.

Although it has a heavy and thick appearance, the reality is that aluminum pergolas are characteristic for their lightness, besides they are practical because they are easy to handle whatever their characteristics are.

With aluminum pergolas you will find a unique and modern style that will help you find a minimalist decoration for your garden or terrace, something that will undoubtedly bring a unique touch and will be the envy of all your guests.

As if that were not enough and unlike other types of pergolas such as wood, aluminum pergolas do not need continuous cleaning or maintenance, something that will undoubtedly be a great benefit for people who do not have time to do a lot of care to the different elements of the garden.


Awning with cassette and guides, designed to cover verandas, glass roofs and galleries in general. A very functional aesthetic solution that avoids the first impact of the sun on the veranda. Its necessary motorized drive gives this awning an added value.

The gas piston tensioning system is more practical and functional. It has a lateral displacement of the guides towards the interior.


Shuttering awning with side guides in lacquered aluminum. This awning is supplied with motor. ideal for covering terraces, can be served with lights.

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