Glass curtains

The sliding-opening systems (GLASS CURTAINS) find application in the most diverse areas, from winter gardens, balconies, terraces and shopping arcades. The systems, which are easy to install and of high technical quality, create new usable spaces while at the same time providing protection from inclement weather when closed. The glass curtains we commercialize are a high quality system that creates a pleasant well-being, at the same time that increases the value of your real estate properties.


It is a transparent vertical glazing system and very light to the eye, practically imperceptible, as it does not have vertical profiles. Its aesthetic beauty lies precisely in this, being indisputable.

Its natural movement is that of a sliding system, but when it reaches one of the ends, the different panes of glass fold like an accordion, i.e., they are rotated in a hinged manner and stacked against each other, reducing the entire enclosure to the minimum expression.

Its main advantages, besides acoustic and thermal insulation, is that it does not produce any negative visual impact, keeping the views practically intact and, on the other hand, it transforms the terrace into an open or closed area, in a second and without effort.

The system is adaptable to any architecture, with seamless integration. It also extends the life of the building by protecting its structures and elements. In fact, it not only protects the property but also contributes to increase the value of the real estate.

Remember that this is an innovative enclosure that allows you to condition your balcony, terrace or porch from inclement weather, but without breaking the aesthetics. It also reduces air conditioning costs and noise. It is very easy to install since it is only necessary to add upper and lower profiles. It is easy to handle and clean.


– The installation requires little or no work, and is done cleanly. The only condition for installation is that the terrace or area to be glazed must have a roof, in order to be able to fix the upper rail.

– Cleaning is convenient and safe, since both sides of the glass are cleaned from the inside, without any exposure.

– This glazing system is maintenance-free.

– It is not necessary to close completely, since we could only close the necessary area depending on the wind and rain direction. And, of course, it can also be completely hermetically sealed.

– They do not reduce the view from the terrace, solarium, porch, or area where they are installed.

– They are designed for unequivocally safe use.

– They allow the use and enjoyment of the outdoor area 365 days a year.

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