Panoramic enclosures

The sliding-opening systems (GLASS CURTAINS) find application in the most diverse areas, from winter gardens, balconies, terraces and shopping arcades. The systems, which are easy to install and of high technical quality, create new usable spaces while at the same time providing protection from inclement weather when closed. The glass curtains we commercialize are a high quality system that creates a pleasant well-being, at the same time that increases the value of your real estate properties.

It is a system of transparent and very light vertical glazing system.The vertical profiles are practically imperceptible, as they do not have vertical profiles. Its aesthetic beauty lies precisely in this, being indisputable.

If you are thinking of a corner where you can relax and enjoy unforgettable moments, our glass curtains will make your dream come true.


With the folding glass curtain system (Model: CA-10 Abatible) you will have no excuse to have your space available all year round.

From now on, your site will have dynamism, durability and efficiency, but above all, a panoramic view by having 100% of the space free of annoying vertical profiles. Even if you have built-in pleated curtains in your glass curtain.

Its natural movement is that of a sliding system, but when it reaches one of the ends, the different panes of glass fold like an accordion, i.e., they are rotated in a hinged manner and stacked against each other, reducing the entire enclosure to the minimum expression.


With the sliding glass curtain system (Model: CA-10 Sliding) you can have a conventional glass curtain but with our touch of innovation.

This system optimizes your space to provide it with insulation, innovation and minimalist aesthetics. In addition, thanks to the absence of vertical profiles, you can also enjoy panoramic views.

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